Pauline Agustoni & Satomi Minoshima

From the DeepMind of Pauline A. & Satomi M.:
Craft Portrait: Dorozome

Designers, Craft Portrait: Dorozome

Pauline and Satomi met during their studies at Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands. Drawn together by interests in similar subjects and challenged by contrasting ways of working, the duo rapidly found intrigue in working together. Allying Satomi’s sensitivity towards graphics and materials and Pauline’s hands-on approach and research skills, they developed a unique way of working that is based on understanding and expressing a subject from the inside.

The simultaneously raw and subtle expression of their research and findings into their original creations aims to question their audience and place gathered knowledge at the center - because it is just as much a process of learning for the audience as it is for the designers. 

Curiosity drives their work and with the use of mixed media such as installation, object design and publication, the duo aren’t afraid to tackle essential issues regarding contemporary design and material creation.

Satomi Minoshima (1989) was born in Kanagawa, Japan. She studied Conceptual Design at Musashino Art University as well as at Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. 

Pauline Agustoni (1996) was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. She studied Arts and Conceptual Design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts as well as at Design Academy Eindhoven.

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↳ Craft Portrait: Dorozome

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